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What is Trinding all about?

For Creators!
If you’re a content creator, you know how hard it is to get your work noticed and how often quality content is overlooked. Trinding aims to help you finally get noticed.
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For Everyone!
If you enjoy finding videos and music but don’t have a good way to discover new stuff, or if you love being the one who “saw it first,” Trinding is your new best friend!
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Trinding is built to bring these two groups together - a community for people seeking and sharing new entertainment, and content creators and artists who want to share their hard work.

This is a place to share videos with less than 50,000 views so that the creator of that video can gain more views and subscribers on their preferred video sharing site (so far we support YouTube and Vimeo).
Why should I be an early member of Trinding?
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Online communities don’t spring up overnight, but we believe firmly in the power of our purpose: by giving people a voice and an outlet for valuable self-expression, their passion will multiply along with their audience. Trinding has a long way to go, but that’s actually good news for everyone reading this right now! For Creators: you’re getting in on the ground floor. You’re going to be the first to be discovered on a site that’s specifically engineered to showcase unknown talent! For everyone: You’re the first to know about it! You were on Trinding before Trinding was cool.
How did Trinding get Started?
In late 2015, I noticed that a few YouTubers with a similar number of subscribers as myself had just subscribed to my little-known YouTube channel. I ended up checking them out and was amazed by how hilarious their videos were and how outstanding the quality was. And yet, their followings and view counts were also far too small.
The fact that amazing content could be buried so far from the light of day on the internet didn’t sit right with me, so I began seeking for a solution to this problem. I started a community on Reddit called /r/unknownvideos. This little subreddit, to my surprise, began to grow and continues to grow to this day. Currently, there are over 70,000 users with many of them having shared the same struggle of trying to get their hard work and creativity in front of an audience. I have been continually astounded by the number of people I’ve since met who have plenty of talent, but just don’t have enough eyeballs pointed in their direction.
In the Spring of 2016, I realized that the internet was still missing something and that it needed Trinding, a place where all the internet could come together to discover new and upcoming content creators. As of now, we’re a team of three based in Northern Virginia — a team that understands the struggle of every video-maker, musician, artist, & comedian better than anyone else — and we’re very excited to help all of you who want to discover new content or grow their fan base.

— Jon Farris, Founder of Trinding
How can I help Trinding reach more people?
Share, share, share!
We all know that’s the name of the game. The best way to help us grow is to tell your friends, your followers, your fans, and anyone else whose attention you have.

For people who believe in our mission, donate!
Do we need your money to grow? No. We believe that enough people will rally behind our vision organically. But will your donation help us grow faster? Absolutely. Will we personally reach out to you to express our gratitude when you donate? You’d better count on it.