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A Community for All
Trinding is designed to be a fun and engaging community for everyone. For that reason, we’ve added a feature to allow users to tag their posts with warning labels if their content includes violence (V), explicit language (L), or mature subject matter (M). These labels are not meant to discourage content of this nature, but to encourage posters to be courteous to the whole Trinding community. However, there are a few guidelines that Trinding trusts all its users to respect. The following list includes a few common-sense rules for posting content. Hold these at heart, and you’ll be fine.
Rules for Voting
  • No vote manipulation

    Creating multiple Trinding accounts in order to vote multiple times on any post is a big no-no. If we detect vote manipulation, we may take actions to remove your posts, ban your Trinding account or even blacklist your social media account... But we don't want to - so please play by the rules!

  • Vote fairly!

    Don't downvote posts simply for the competition. Give other posters a chance! Watch first - vote later. If we detect unfair voting from your account, you may have your voting privileges disabled or even your account banned.

Rules for Posting
  • No inappropriate or sexual content

    Trinding is not a place for sexually provocative or explicit content. This includes the content of the video itself as well as the video thumbnail. There are some exceptions for mature subject matter—which may be posted with the (M) warning label—but content that is gratuitously sexual or contains nudity is not welcome on Trinding.

  • No stolen content

    It is 100% acceptable for Trinding users to share interesting content that is not their own, so long as they do not claim to have created it when posting. But content that infringes copyright laws or merely duplicates someone else’s work is not allowed (this includes compilations without any original content or dialogue added). However, remixes or videos that abide by YouTube's fair use guide are allowed.

  • Do not misuse categories

    It is in every poster's best interest to use the Mood and Subject categories appropriately. Trinding uses categories to allow people to easily search and find the type of content that they’re interested in. Misuse of the categories breaks this system and may result in your post being removed.

  • Do not misuse or neglect warning labels

    The content warning labels are there to make Trinding a comfortable environment for all types of viewers. Giving false impressions about your content by misusing or neglecting to use the warning labels is discourteous to the Trinding community and may result in your post being removed.

  • Don't use clickbait, spammy, or misleading titles

    What you see on Trinding is aggregated by a simple user-run grading scale, which causes only quality content to rise in the ranks and gain more views. Thus, spammy content or content with dishonest titles or thumbnails will not do well on Trinding. Since content of this type pollutes the fun, exciting, & interesting environment that Trinding is meant to be, our team will actively seek to remove it.

  • No advertising-only videos

    The purpose of Trinding is to bring exposure to great, undiscovered content creators by serving as a stage for their best work. The posting section on Trinding is not a place for advertisements. While it is okay to plug a product or service if it relates to your creative content (i.e. musical releases, merchandise related to your channel, etc.), content that only serves to advertise (a brand, product, service, giveaway, etc.) and doesn’t provide any entertainment value is best not posted on Trinding.

    If you would like to submit an advertisement to the Trinding team, contact us here.
Rules for Commenting
  • Don't spam the comment threads

    Commenting on other people's posts is a great way to make connections! But it is not welcome (and not in your own best interest) to hijack a post with comments begging for views, votes, or subscribers.

Trinding is a proud supporter of freedom of speech. However, as a private company, Trinding reserves the right to remove content or comments it perceives as harmful to the Trinding community, and to ban certain users for exhibiting threatening or potentially harmful behavior. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the types of comment behavior Trinding may take action against at its own discretion:
  • Revealing other users’ private information
  • Inciting or encouraging violence towards individuals or groups of people in a serious manner
  • Threatening other Trinding users in a serious manner
  • Encouraging or soliciting illegal activity of any kind
  • Soliciting others into what appears to be a scam