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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Trinding. You can also check our about us page if you want to learn more about who we are!
  • What can be posted on Trinding?

    Trinding is for any video with less than 50,000 views from channels that have less than 150,000 subscribers or followers. We currently support links from YouTube and Vimeo. For rules about the type of content allowed, check out our site rules page.

  • If I post my video on Trinding, will it still get views (on YouTube or Vimeo)?

    Yes! We want your videos to get more views, so we make sure to embed the videos in a way that you can finally get more views on your preferred video-sharing site.

  • How does the view count work?

    You will notice that each post has both “views” and “starting views”. Starting views is simply the view count your video had at the time you posted it to Trinding. The main view count on each post is the latest view count that we get from the site you uploaded from (YouTube or Vimeo). Sometimes you will notice the “views” and “starting views” remain the same for a while even after your post has gotten some upvotes, but don’t worry! Sometimes the view count takes a while to update on our site, and sometimes sites like YouTube can take a while to update their view count as well.

  • How frequently can I post?

    Each channel that gets posted to Trinding has to go through a wait period between each post. An average wait time is 24 to 48 hours, but it can be shorter or longer than that depending on how well your posts do as well as how often you engage (by leaving good comments or watching and voting on posts that are not your own). Interacting with others is the best way of shortening your wait time, and it’s a great way to become a part of a growing, supportive community!
    Note: since the wait time is based per channel, you can always post videos from other channels you like without it increasing your own wait time! This is good way of increasing your reputation on Trinding and introducing new people to new channels.

  • Will people without a Trinding account be able to watch videos I post on Trinding?

    Yes, you can always share links to your Trinding posts with anybody! They’ll still be able to watch your videos giving you more views, and if they decide to sign up on Trinding, they’ll be able to give you more upvotes!

Any more questions?
Message us here if you need any support or have any questions!